Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Everyone Loves the Piano Guys!

As I was reading my email, looking and facebook and my blog reader I clicked on a link that started us on an hour long video watching fest.

It was a link to one of the Piano Guys videos.

Once the first few notes were plucked Molly came running in saying "Oh... piano guys". She knew exactly what I was watching. After watching that video we had to watch another and then another while all the kids asked me to play their favorites.

The boys love the Cello Wars.

Or Charlie Brown

The videos are so fun to watch. They are often on location in some amazing setting.

Their enthusiasm for music and the way they are really look like they are enjoying playing makes these videos are so fun! My kids could watch them all day.

If you haven't heard the Piano Guys play then you need to take some time and visit their youtube channel and watch some very fun and beautiful music. But just know that it will make you loose track of time and then get a late start on your day.

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