Monday, July 22, 2013

Swept up by the Sea - Review

We read a lot of fairy tales around our house. Molly loves to hear the stories of princesses and such so the book Swept up by the Sea with the mermaid on the cover sparked my interest.

I started the book with great expectations, however, I found the book somewhat difficult to get going. It didn't pull me in during the first chapter so I had to persevere through a few chapters until the story really got going. Plus the fantasy world took me awhile to wrap my mind around. I didn't understand the rules or people of this mystical world so when minotaurs or mermaids were mentioned they took me off guard at first. I read a lot of fantasy books with my kids so I don't know exactly why this was difficult for me when reading this book. It just took me longer to understand the "magical rules" of this world, I guess.

The story itself is quite fun and I loved the characters once I got well enough into the story. They are quite an assortment of silly, melancholy, comical, mystical, and mysterious. Each has their own story and they are all intertwined in the plot. The ending was so beautiful. I loved the old lost sea captain coming home to his "widow". (Sorry about the spoiler but really it doesn't ruin the ending!) Everyone gets their happily ever after just like in all good fairy tales.

This is well worth the read. Just give it a few chapters to hook you in.

I received this book from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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