Sunday, July 14, 2013

Girls Camp

Sophie attended Girls Camp last week. She went up to the Sierras and went to camp with her cousins. She was SOOOOO excited! 

 She didn't even say much of a goodbye. She just grabbed her stuff loaded it onto the trailer and climbed onto the bus that was taking the girls up to the mountains.

 The rest of us stayed at up at my parents to wait for her to come back.

This is what I did one of the days she was gone.
 My dad's plum tree had a great harvest this year and they were ready to come off the tree and be canned. Aren't they beautiful! We are going to enjoy eating these plums all winter long.

This is what the kids did most of the week. My sister in law also went up to girls camp so all her kids (the 5 that didn't go to girls camp) hung out at Grandma's house every day too. There was hours and hours of swimming. 

 This raft and the water squirters were a bit hit with all the kids. They kept playing fire boat and sprayed the diving board or the bush or the apple tree because they were "on fire".

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Karen S said...

Save some for me. I want to bring a jar home with me in August.