Friday, November 2, 2012

First braids

Molly has never had a lot of hair. Most people probably think I cut her hair and keep it short but in reality it just has never grown. This is all she has ever had. I have trimmed the back only once because she had a few longer pieces that sort of made it look like a mullet.  She often asks me to braid or twist her hair like I do for Sophie. I do put it into pony tails often but she mostly just is a wash and go girl.

After her shower today I decided to give french braids a try.

She wasn't the most cooperative so it wasn't nearly as tight and smooth as I would like but it did actually braid. She looked so cute and was thrilled to finally get braids.

She didn't keep the braids in all day. She pulled the bands out and undid the braids a few hours later. By that time they looked very messy and were pretty much falling out anyway.

But she had braids for a little while and loved it!

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