Friday, November 9, 2012

Princesses Galore!

Molly loves princesses.
I certainly didn't promote the topic but there it is and Molly can't resist looking at the pink aisle at Target or get excited when she sees a princess backpack, shoes or anything appear around us. The last month or two, I admit, I have given in to this fantasy world of princesses and have been indulged her with books and movies and even a toy princess.  While at the library I purposely check out the fairytale section and find yet another princess story we haven't read yet.  So now Molly knows  the stories of the Princes and the Pea, Snow White and Rose Red, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Thumbelina, and for good measure we have also visited the stories of Hansel and Gretel, The Elves and the Shoemaker,  The ugly Duckling and the Steadfast Tin Soldier along with the princess stories. All my kids, since they can't miss out on any good read aloud story, are getting well acquainted with fairytales and folk tales.

Molly doesn't seem to mind that the princesses in the story books don't look like the Disney princess. She accepts them in any form. She even liked one version of Snow White that we read where all the characters were animals. Snow White was a cute white rabbit with black ears. I don't think we have yet read a Disney version of any of these stories but I have checked out the movies and my kids can now say they have actually seen The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. They even got to watch Aladin and Hercules along with the Disney Robin Hood because I can resist that version of the tale.

So we have been spending a lot of time with princesses lately and our shelves are bursting with tales of princes and princesses an all sorts of magic.

To top it all off my husband and I just finished watching the first season of Once Upon a Time.  Netflix had it on their instant streaming and we quickly made it through season one and look forward to seeing what happens in season two.

So we are getting really well versed in our fairy tales.


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