Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to Salt Lake City

We said goodbye to the cabin out in Vernal and had to head home.
Since the drive back home to CA would be 15+ hours. We decided one more day in SLC was in order. So we only had a 3 hour drive to get back into SLC. The drive up through Park City was really beautiful.  But again we were plagued by car sickness and had to stop to clean up a boy and the car.  We were better prepared and luckily it didn't put us off schedule too much. We had an appointment we didn't want to miss in SLC.

Months ago when we knew when and where this family reunion would take place my husband wrote a letter to L. Tom Perry. Evidently he is a cousin. My husband has Perrys in his family tree and Elder Perry told a story about the conversion of his family in conference a few years back and it is the same story that my husband's family tells too. So he wrote to Elder Perry as asked if we could come and visit him while we were in SLC.

My kids were a little nervous but since Elder Perry was so nice to us they lost a bit of their shyness and talked with him about different things.
Molly of course worked her way around his office looking at all the different pictures and things he had on his desk and other surfaces in the office. She especially loved a little glass sacrament cup that he had sitting out. It was so tiny it seemed perfect for this little girl.  He went to a cabinet in his office and pulled out a tray of them and gave one to each of the kids to take home.  It was quite a visit and interesting to see the inside of the church office building.

As we were headed out the building I stopped to change Molly's diaper and the other were waiting in the hall and were a little surprised when they saw and exchanged a few pleasant words with Dieter F. Uchtdorf and his wife as they were headed out of the building.  I missed the whole thing but my kids were excited to tell they got to shake hands with two of the Apostles that day.

We headed over to the Church History Museum. It was one of the things we missed seeing the last time we were in SLC two years ago.

Molly loved the dressing up and dancing part the best. I had to take the skirt off her and take her out of the museum kicking and screaming because she didn't want to ever take that pink skirt off.

We some other plans for the evening but Ian changed them for us.  After being sick in the car on the drive from vernal that morning he decided to be sick again in the restaurant we stopped at to have dinner.  Perhaps what we thought was car sickness was some sort of bug after all.

We had a lovely, memorable trip to Utah. It is always difficult to get everything and eveyone we want to see into our visits.


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Angela said...

How awesome was that visit? Your husband actually looks a lot like him.

We have been trying to do a little family history here but we have yet to find anyone in the church office building! Exciting find for you!