Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things that make me feel Good today

I thought I would make a list today of things that are going well or that are making me feel happy today.

1. Bike Ride with my kids - Before the heat of the day I thought we needed to get outside so we went on a long bike ride. We took a walking/biking trail that goes along a steam and by some ponds. Molly pointed out the geese and even the swans she saw. We all came home tired, hot and sweaty. It felt good.

2. Standing on the scale today and seeing that I am down 10 lbs.  It has taken me about 8 weeks to get those 10 lbs off but it is a great accomplishment for me. I have now officially lost the weight I gained while pregnant with Molly. Now I just need to keep loosing so I can get down to my pre Henry and then pre Ian weight.   But those 10 lbs gone are such a good motivator to keep on going.

3. Green Smoothies - I make a green smoothie for breakfast everyday. My kids are so used to having one first thing they ask for it, and even on occasion make it themselves, if I am late getting it for them.   Molly is still not a big fan of smoothies so have made a few batches of green smoothie popsicles and they seem to go down pretty well. However, I am going through a lot of spinach, kale and bananas.

4. My Kindle Touch- My husband has commented that I go into another world when I have my kindle. I read a ton more than I used to. It isn't all fluff either. I have read a few classics that are free as well as checked out a few books from the library.  I also discovered a few free word games for the kindle and I have really enjoyed. Jigsaw words but now I finished all the puzzles and need to find another fun game. I made the mistake and put battleship on my kindle, now my boys ask to play on my kindle.

5. Ticket To Ride-  We gave the game Ticket to Ride to my husband yesterday for Father's Day. We wanted to play it for our FHE activity so we gave it to him a bit early. We all LOVED it. Henry even said he liked it better than Settlers. That is quite a compliment since that has been his favorite for a long time!

6. A house of songs - My kids are always singing. Sophie will go through song after song while taking a shower. It it fun to hear her sing through her entire repertoire of folk songs she has learned at co-op, or hymns she learns for choir, primary songs she learns at church or home as well as the songs hear on the CD's we play. Molly too sings all the time. She sings and sings "I Know He Lives, I will follow faithfully, My heart I give to Him, I know that my Savior loves me."  I can't help but smile when I hear that little voice sing that song.

7. Legos and Knex - Since I have been spending so much time with my kindle. My kids have had a lot more building time.

Evidently Narcissa Malfoy is up on the Rameumptom. Sophie had a lesson from book of Alma in the Book of Mormon so decided to build the scene.
 Here is Alma teaching the people.
And Harry Potter is sailing on a little barge.

8. A/C - Now that we have had a few hot hot summer like days I am really grateful for air conditioning. One of these recently hot days I didn't close all the windows and turn on the AC and we all got cranky by afternoon. We are all so much happier when the temperature stays at around 70-75 degrees.

I would make this a nice list of 10 items but I am already being called to help make some lunch and Molly wants me to read her a book so I guess I better get back to living my life rather than just talking about it.


Bibliophile said...

This was a very good entry for your blog. I can tell that you're enjoying life as it comes. The Kindle is a new toy, and it's tempting to use it all the time. What a good invention! I can almost hear Sophie and Molly singing.

Desiree said...

Oh what a great list! I love a lot of those things too.