Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First stop on our Trip

We just returned from an almost 2 week long trip. It felt like we were away from home for a very long time!
We did a whole lot of driving! and unfortunately there was quite a bit of car sickness going on too.  Henry didn't like driving the twisting turning road of the pass to get over the Sierras to get into Nevada on our way to Utah.  We we managed the long drive with a few different movies alternating with the audio book of The Hobbit.

We have some great friends who let us sleep in their basement. And then even accompanied us on a day trip to BYU. For some reason we had thought they had both attended BYU also but evidently we tortured our Ute friend by dragging him all around Provo. He was a good sport!
We visited the art museum on campus. They were having an Islamic Art exhibit at the time and we walked through it as much as our kids would allow and listened to some music and watched dancing that was being performed.
The kids also enjoyed a little arts and crafts project as well.
We watch BYUtv every Sunday afternoon. It has become a habit or tradition to watch Music and the Spoken word followed by BYU Weekly. The kids now know so much about what goes on at BYU so they had a few things on their wish lists to see. Unfortunety they weren't have a Duckie Derby the day we were there but we did get to see the Y on the hill, walk through the book store, peak into the library, look at all the new buildings that are being built.  This campus is always changing and it looks very different than when I attended a number of years ago.

One of our wish list spots to visit was the Bean Museum.  I hadn't ever been to this museum in all the years I was a student. I lived only a 5 min walk away but never even knew it was there. But thanks to our weekly BYU weekly show the kids knew there was a natural history museum and they wanted to see it.
Molly insisted on getting a picture with the zebra.
We watched an animal show and even got to touch some sort of lizard.
But the most exciting this came next. While we were wandering the museum looking at all the different animals on display I noticed a film crew. I whispered to Sophie that they must be filming BYU weekly. She ran over to her Dad and he walked right up to the film student doing the segment and called her by name since we see her everyweek on t.v.  The kids were a bit star struck seeing this student who they had only seen on t.v.  I think the student was flabergasted that anyone even recognized her.  They filmed a short interview and we were told it air on the next show. You can see this 15 second snip on BYU Weekly that aired on June 21st.

After our day of walking and walking the kids were so excited to finally get to the creamery where they got to pick out a nice big cone to enjoy.

BYU creamery ice cream was on the wish list and it was not something they would compromise on.

As we walked down the hill from the Creamery and Bean Museum I saw my old dorm. Fugal Hall, third floor was where I spent my freshman year. That was a great year!
My husband's hall has already been torn down and is only a construction site at the moment. New Heritage halls are being built and they are really fancy! It almost makes me jealous of those incoming freshmen we saw hauling their bags into their new dorms.

It was a great visit to BYU. 

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