Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Reunion

Our main reason for heading to Utah was a Family Reunion. Grandma arranged for a cabin out near Vernal Utah that the whole clan would be able to stay in. One big happy family under one roof.
The cabin was out in the middle of nowhere but there was so much to do around the cabin there was never a moment of bordom.

A small lake just outside the front door had some crawdads (at least that is what we always called them when we saw them in the creeks near the house I grew up in.). The boys thought it was very fun to catch them.

Sophie even got into the fun of catching them as well.
There was fishing too. Ian and Henry were so excited to give fishing a try.  There was also a canoe on this lake and Ian decided he needed to paddle out onto the lake on that as well.

Here is a quick shot looking down on the main room from up on the railings above.
It was a very large and really nice cabin. We were all impressed.
Up the hill a short drive or walk there was a climbing wall. The boy never did get up more than about half way but they a great time trying and trying again.
The little guys had a lot of time on the rock wall because most of the big kids/adults were having a paintball war.  My guys were a little young to participate, which made them a little sad but there were so many other things around that they quickly moved onto other things.
Here the boys did a little target practice with a bb gun.
Ian was very excited about doing a little archery. He was out here shooting quite awhile.
Even Aunt Laura took a turn with the bow.

One of the days we headed out to Vernal. We saw the temple.
And visited the dinosaur museum.
We never did make it out to Dionosaur National Monument. Our day just seemed to slip away and so my kids had to be happy with the offerings found at this musuem.

We had never been to this part of Utah. It was where Grandma's father grew up and we even stopped into his childhood home while in town.

It was a very fun couple of days!

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