Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Whiling away the hours

Afternoons are rarely quiet around here. We have a piano lesson, choir, park day, and co-op on some days but there is always a few hours in the afternoon when my kids have to actually entertain themselves. There are a few moments each day that isn't scripted or scheduled.  This is often how our house looks at a moment on one of those afternoons.
Each of the kids has their own book. 
Ian is digging into some Batman easy readers. 
Sophie is rereading Alice in Wonderland again. I am sure she has them pretty much memorized by now. She explained that she likes Through the Looking Glass better than the first adventures in Wonderland.
Molly has a whole basket of books by the blue chair that she goes through. Here she has Fox in Socks, one of my favorite read alouds (eyes roll). 
Henry LOVES the You wouldn't want to be series of books. I think this is the You wouldn't want to be a Medieval Knight or something. It isn't related to anything we are studying at the present time but it doesn't matter. Those books are GREAT!
Wait... now Ian has shifted to a Lego book. I believe this is a Star Wars Lego Encyclopedia. He checked it out of the library a few weeks ago and he has been reading and pouring over it almost non stop.  I think this boy could tell you about every single Star Wars Lego set ever made. He could explain every single weapon each robot has and how they are used. It is pretty amazing. I just wish I was more interested in knowing such things because he sure wants to tell me about them.

So that is a typical moment in a typical afternoon at our house. It doesn't always happen, there is certainly a fair amount of nerf gun battles, drawing and dress up that go on on some afternoons as well.

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