Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

One of the flute players at band plays in another community band. She must be a very busy lady to play in two different community bands. She told me that her other band was doing a concert on Memorial Day. Knowing that my kids needed a good, memorable outing for this holiday I decided to take my kids to the cemetery where the program was being given. It sounded like a great way to make Memorial Day a little more than just a day off of work and school.
It was a beautiful, sunny but not hot morning. We sat and listened to the great patriotic music for awhile. Even sang along to some of the tunes.  We were quite a bit younger than most of the people there for this concert and service.  I loved it when the band played the marches for each of the branches of the Armed Services and the men or women who served in that branch stood to be recognized.  By far the most well represented in our area was the Navy.  My husband's father was in the Air Force so that has special meaning for him. 

This group, who got special recognition and shady seats were Pearl Harbor survivors.
We started the event with some free donuts, which my kids were really excited about since we never get donuts anymore. But after the concert they were almost as excited to get a free hot dog.

While in line the kids saw a few other kids with face paint so decided they too needed a little something.
Molly sat very still and got a little star painted on her arm.

Henry got an American Flag on his cheek.
Sophie got an eagle.

Ian is not interested in face painting. He had a better time sitting and listening to the program than waiting in line for a little something on his face.

It was a lovely way to spend some of our Memorial Day.

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