Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can't Wait to be a Cub Scout

Sophie has been going to Activty Days (8-11 year old girls weekly activty) for a few years. My boys have been going to play at the church since she started attending. There were always kids to play with (other siblings of kids attending activites) and run around with for that hour. This all changed in January when Ian became a cub scout. Now Ian get to attend weekly activities too. So Henry has been feeling a lot left out. My boys are best friends and usually do everything together so this has been rather traumatic for Henry. He wants so badly to be a cub scout too.
 He gets really excited for the monthly pack meetings. He gets to attend those meetings and participate in the activities.
 The boys came home from this particular pack meeting so excited about campfires and toasting marsh mellows. Ian was especially excited about the Summer day camps that they talked about. Henry was very upset that he too wouldn't be able to go with Ian to these day camps where there would be archery and shooting and other fun boy activities.
 It doesn't help to tell him he will get to do those things when he is older. He wants to do them now.
It is just hard to be a younger brother and get to see all the great things your older brother gets to do.

Only about a year and some before he will be officially a cub scout too.


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happy2bamommy said...

My four year old feels the same way. His big brother who is 8 "gets to do everything!" Great pictures!