Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of School

I know it may seem early to some people but tomorrow is our official last day of school.  I saw my ES today and filled in the last attendance sheet for the year.  I turned in things I knew I didn't need anymore. I gave my last report to her about what we have been doing.   This of course doesn't mean we don't have a whole bunch going on still.

We still have co-op which is putting on a play in a few weeks. Sophie needs a dress for her part in Shakespeare's Winter's tale. And the boys need costumes and props as well as a lot of practice for their roles in King Bidgood's in the Bathtub. Henry is playing the King and Ian is one of the pages. Molly thinks she is one of the court but we will see if that happens.

We finished up most everything we had planned for the year so I am happy. It has been hard to do school work the last few weeks because we have had such nice weather. My kids just want to play outside. And honestly I have let them. Before it gets too hot they should be out there as much as possible.

It may just be the novelty of it but I have been reading a lot the last week on my new Kindle which I got for Mother's day.  I have already made it through about 3 books (all pretty easy reads) one of them a library book that I checked out for my Kindle.  It has been a fun new tool. I wanted to call it a toy. But what makes me the most happy about it is that it doesn't interest my kids at all since there are no games on it. It isn't the Kindle Fire Tablet so all it will do is books. I do have a few free word games on my Kindle but so far none of them have interested these boys.  So this has been mine all mine and I have really enjoyed it!

But anyway... on to Summer Break.

Our Summers in the past have been the time we study American history. And this year my kids decided we should read Kaya, the American Girl, again and learn about the earliest people in America.  I think this sounds promising. The kids are telling me what they want to study! So it is off to the library for me to find books about a few different tribes. I think we will study Salmon again and perhaps Buffalo too. That sounds like a fun unit to kick off our Summer but I am happy to take it easy and light and let my kids enjoy some extra free time to run, bike, climb, and jump around outside.

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Malissa said...

Sounds like fun! Rainbow Resources sells Native American "History Pockets" that Brooklynn has enjoyed putting together!