Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday School

Friday morning is not always the most productive for us. My kids are usually excited for co-op in the afternoon so have a very hard time concentrating on anything else. But I try really hard to get them to do some school work before lunch. Today we decided to do some history. We listened to two chapters of our Story of the World CDs. The two chapters about Julius Caesar. They colored and did a notebook page.
Sophie whipped out a full page about Julius Caesar on her notebook page. Ian colored in the words  along the edge and Henry told me all the reasons he couldn't write anything.
Molly just had a great time coloring in Julius Caesar. She gave him a green face.
She just loved having a picture taken of herself. She would have continued  to pose for pictures except I put the camera away so I could make lunch.

That is about all we fit into our school day before heading out to co-op. But I think the singing, art class and play practice count as a pretty good school day. There is even an audio book going as I type this. So, there is that as well. School work really is going on all day long here. It just doesn't always look much like school.

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