Friday, October 14, 2011


I never realized how much of a board game family we were. We play a few every week but I didn't think we had a problem. Until this week. We have a game closet and it is is full of board games. We seem to collect them. I even added in another new one this week. I don't know how my kids seem to convince me to buy them new games. I really don't do it often but since they used the "this one is for school" trick, I fell for it and bought them a new game.

We have been doing a little unit on India. Each family gets to give a presentation at our Co-op about a country.  I thought our family could do India. It is a country I have grown quite fond of in the last few years due to the number of Bollywood movies I have watched.
So we have been learning all about the geography and culture of India this week. We will continue learning more about India next week and prepare for our presentation next week.

While at the store earlier this week the kids saw a Parcheesi game. They got very excited since we had just read about one of the Mogul emperors who had a life size parcheesi board built in his garden and had servant move about the board as the pieces.  So when they pulled out the "It's for school" excuse I broke down and bought the game. I figured it has be a good game if it has lasted for centuries.

My kids have played it everyday this week, multiple times. They love it! I explained it was a bit like the game of Sorry. We don't own the game of Sorry, and my kids hadn't played it either. But Ian said it was sort of like Trouble. Which I think they played at the YMCA Kids Corner. In any case, you move a number of movers around the board in order to get to their home. There are some really big differences as well but the objectives are much the same. I think the makers of Sorry stole the concept from the ancient game of Parcheesi.

Parcheesi has been a great addition to the cache of games we keep in the closet. I am sure it will get played quite a bit.

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