Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Youngest Pupil

Molly is a girl who knows her mind.  She is a very different girl that Sophie was at her age.  Molly is very feminine.  She loves to wear dresses and gets so mad at me when I pick out an outfit with pants.  She also insists on nightgowns.  She doesn't appreciate the warm footed pajamas that I have had for all the other kids.  I have made her a few more nightgowns out of old receiving blankets.  Those have turned out to be a great place to find some flannel that was just sitting on the shelf.

This is one lively little girl. She keeps us very busy and keeps us entertained.
Molly often raids the dress up box and finds the skirts that Sophie has collected from a few years of ballet. The pink sparkly one is her favorite.  In fact when you ask her what her favorite color is she will tell you "Pink".

Molly also really loves dolls. This is a big change from my other kids. Sophie always loved animals but was never that interested in dolls. (Until she got excited about American Girl dolls). So all my old Cabbage Patch Kids have come out and are actually getting played with from time to time.

While we do our school work and often during FHE games Molly breaks out the Pretty Pretty Princess game.  She loves putting on all the necklaces and earrings.  We don't play the game, we just put on all the jewelry.

This is one of the nightgowns I made out of a receiving blanket. I kept the crocheted edging along the bottom.  Molly doesn't even mind the green color because of the cute ruffle on the bottom.
The last few months we have seen great changes in her communication.  Molly used to sign a lot and now I sort of miss all her cute signs. (She still uses the sign for cheese a lot because that is her favorite food and sometimes I don't let her have yet another cheese stick so she thinks if she signs it along with scream "cheese" at me that I might give in. ) She is a talker now!

She sings too. She has loved Popcorn Popping and Once there was a Snowman for a long time. She used to just act them out while we sang. Now she is singing along. I heard her last night singing I am a Child of God.  I know they sing this one in nursery every week.  We haven't sung this one a whole lot at home lately as we  have been going through the ones for the primary program. It is so cute to hear her little voice sing this song!

Despite her girly tendencies this little lady can get down and dirty. She loves to get outside and play in the dirt and mud. At the park she goes straight to the water and sand areas.  She may be feminine and loves all things pink and pretty but she doesn't let that interfere with her desire to explore everything around her.

We are so lucky to have her in our home.

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