Monday, October 31, 2011


The last few weeks I have been experiencing some rash and itching on my face. It is the same exactly location that I experienced poison oak a few months ago and it felt a lot like poison oak except there weren't any blisters. I just itched and got a bit swollen. It would go away and then come back in the same spot. Yesterday my eye swelled up and I couldn't help but rub it and rub it because it itches so badly.  I haven't come in contact with any poison oak so I knew that wasn't the culprit. But something was irritating me and making me feel like I was having an allergic reaction.

This morning while laying in bed knowing my eye was puffy still and still trying to figure out what was the cause I suddenly had an epiphany.... MANGOS. I bought a large box of mangos at costco a few weeks ago while we did our India unit. Mangos are native to India. All other mangos in the world are transplants from their native land.  But this morning I suddenly remembered something I had read when we looked up information about mangos. Mango skin contains urushiol. I have been peeling mangos off and on for the last two weeks and since my body is especially sensitive to this lovely oil I developed a rash. I must brush the hair out of my face while I peal mangos or perhaps it developed in that spot because I just recently had an irritation there but mangos seem to explain my problem.

I guess I won't be handling mangos anymore. I can still eat mangos, I just can't peal them anymore. I looked up other foods that also contain urushiol and I guess I shouldn't handle cashews or pistachios either. They are from the same plant family.

So I can still eat mangos. Good thing the flesh is still alright. My family loves mangos and we put frozen mangos in our smoothies all the time. I just can't peel them anymore.

I hope my epiphany is right and that this is all I need to avoid. I really need my eye to  return to normal soon. I am tired of taking antihistamines. Hey I guess I don't need a mask for Halloween my face is pretty scary with my eye all red and swollen like it is. It is sure the scare the trick-or-treaters that come to our door.

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