Thursday, October 27, 2011

Draw like an Egyptian

 Sophie has been spending a lot of time drawing pictures of all the different Egyptian Gods and other characters.  She is getting really good at creating scenes of Ancient Egypt.  What better way is there to pass the time while you listen to audio books.

This is the book I picked up at the library which has been a great help for her drawings.
I think I need to to find her a little better way for her to add color to these drawings because the markers are not my favorite medium. Our colored pencil stash is sadly lacking at the moment. I need to grab a new box soon. One of those school supplies I should have stocked up on while they were on clearance a month or so ago, but forgot about them.

Here is how the book explains to draw the figure of Isis. 

Isis is especially important because that is who Sophie says she is for Halloween. She has an Egyptian costume. She wanted wings but I just don't have the energy to throw that part together for her.

Here is Sophie's version of Isis.
She has been very busy! And now knows so much about all the Egyptian gods. She can tell you what animal head each has and what kid of hat each wears as well.

I think she is doing a great job! She now draws these on every scrap of paper she can find. She doesn't even need the book to look at for directions. They are now engraved into her memory.


Cellista said...

Those are great drawings! I wish our library had that book. C would just love it. Maybe I'll have to find it for Christmas.

Bibliophile said...

Sophie is drawing very well. She is an artist! Egypt is an interesting place, for sure, with plenty of things to draw.