Thursday, December 2, 2010

Henry has his mind made up.

This morning Henry came to breakfast and found the Church News sitting on the table. This little newspaper came in the mail yesterday and I had been glancing through it while I waited for the oatmeal to be ready.  The picture on the front was of the newly rededicated Laie Hawaii temple.  I don't know if he actually read the headline that explained where this particular temple was located, (He surprises me all the time with words he reads now) or if he just recognized it from past conversations about temples and pictures. But he knew right away that it was Hawaii. He got very excited and said "Hey, that is where I am going to serve my mission. I will get to go inside there when I am a missionary". He has often said that he is going to go to Hawaii when his time comes to be a missionary for the church.  He doesn't ever use the words "I hope I go there" or "that is where I want to serve". He always just says, in a very matter of fact tone, that that is where he is going to serve.

While he told me all the reasons he wants to go to Hawaii, I got the bowls and oatmeal ready. He was asked to say the prayer and his prayer was all about Hawaii and the temple and being a missionary.  He Thanked Heavenly Father for Hawaii and the Temple. He thanked Him for missionaries and that he would get to serve in Hawaii (not asking but thanking him that he was going to) and then finished off by thanking Him for volcanos. He forgot that this was supposed to be a blessing on the food but at least he remembered the volcanos.

He has about 14 + years before he can go to Hawaii for his mission. It will be very interesting to see where he goes when the time comes. Perhaps his dream mission location will change over the years. He has had Hawaii pegged for a long time though. Some of the Elders in my MTC district went to Hawaii and they certainly loved it.  It is a beautiful place and I bet he would be able to go to the temple while he serves there.

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Bibliophile said...

This is SO like Henry! He just might have a premonition about his area of mission service! It would certainly be a lovely place to live for two years. Go Henry! You have your eyes on the prize for sure!