Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Christmas books

I can't say we have been doing a whole lot of school work. We aren't really taking a break but we aren't doing our regular things either.

We get through a good number of Christmas books each week. Here are a few from the last few days.

 The Grinch is always a favorite.  I love the Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (We watched the movie also) And the kids love the story of Rudolph, which is supposed to be the original story. The others were all cute or funny or a retelling of the nativity story. I picked up another 15 Christmas picture books at the library this week so we have plenty more to read through over the coming weeks.

I also finished a great book about Charles Dickens.

This isn't exactly a biography but it certainly made clear what was going on in Dickens's life before and after he wrote A Christmas Carol. Very interesting and a pretty quick read. 

I found an audio book version of A Christmas Carol we are going to listen to next week and I also got the Muppet Christmas Carol movie for the kids to watch sometime after the book is done.

We should have another few weeks of fun Christmas reading.

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