Saturday, December 4, 2010

Looks like Christmas Morning came a little early this year.

 This may look a lot like a Christmas morning picture. Ian is wearing his pjs and appears to have been given a gift. But this isn't truly a gift to Ian. He earned it and this morning was the day he was able to claim his prize.
I don't know if he would love it if I elaborated in what he was doing to earn it, it is slightly sensitive in nature. But lets just say he was able to pick out a toy that was equal in cost to a box of Overnights. Since he now no longer needs me to buy them.

I am very glad I got this set a few weeks ago when the price was right. Because I just looked at Amazon and it is not in stock anymore and they are going for about twice as much. I guess Legos are a hot Christmas item.

My kids got right to work this morning putting the hut together. Molly had to be right in the thick of things too.
 It was a pretty complicated building set.
 but with some help they were able to get everything put together.
 I have to say this is a great Lego set. It has all three of the main characters and Hagrid too. They all have wands and there are owls, Scabbers the rat, Baby Norbert, Aragog and a bunch of pumpkins, toadstools and other things to throw into the cauldron to cook over Hagrids fire. 

It was a perfect set for my lego loving, Harry Potter fan.

Congratulations Ian!


Karen said...

Yay for Ian! Way to go!

Bibliophile said...

Congratulations, Ian! That looks like a terrific lego set.

the lazy reader said...

I love Harry Potter. That set looks like a lot of fun. Oh, and, congratulations, Ian!!!!