Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wii had a Marvelous Christmas!

The big day finally arrived. It actually arrived in two installments. We decided to open the Wii on Christmas Eve. My Husband had the day off and we didn't have anything we had to do. So the kids found the boxes for the Wii and all the different accessories under the tree on the morning of Christmas Eve. They were so excited to finally get to open their gift that we had been talking about for so long.
So we spend the entire day (except for a little snacking and one hour outside riding bikes to enjoy the sun while it lasted.) playing Wii Sports Resort. That is the only game we had. We didn't open any of the other games. They were coming on Christmas day. But Sports Resort was enough for all of us to play and play all day long and not get bored at all. Henry is particularly good at the cycling. Papa loves the golf. Sophie loves the creative process of creating Mii characters. We now have, along with our family's Mii, the cast of the Harry Potter books as Mii. It is sort of fun to shot arrows as Hagrid, he is my favorite.

With the big gift already behind us you would think the kids were not going to be quite so excited about Christmas Morning but we were wrong. First we couldn't get them to bed last night. They were up past 12:00 singing Christmas songs together and then taking turns to coming and tells us that they couldn't sleep. But finally the house was silent and Santa could finally make his appearance.

But Morning came way too soon.

Notice the dark outside those windows. Yes they were up before the sun to see what Santa left in their stockings. 5:00 a.m. is a little early to be awake but there was no stopping them. Before we even knew what was happening they had all the lights on in the front room and their stockings were dumped out.
 Molly made it one more hour before the ruckus from the kids woke her up and she found out that she too had a few things in her stocking.
Each of the kids got a new Webkinz. This was important. It was on each of their lists but none of them got the exact pet they had requested. I guess Santa brought whatever he could find and didn't worry too much about their specific desires. They had changed their mind several times in the last month anyway. They were all happy.
Molly's favorite gift was the stroller from Grandma. She pushed toys, books, dolls and whatever around in it all day.
Auntie K made the kids each their own library bags. They are very cute!
Pop guns from Grandma were a hit with the boys.
Sophie helped Molly play with her new kitchen supplies.
Grandma fulfilled Sophie's request for a party dress for her American Girl Doll.
She made a few other outfits also. This hat and coat were particularly nice. Thanks Grandma for taking the time to sew for Sophie's doll. Those clothes are so great!

And that is Sophie's new charcoal cat which she named Minton because it looks just like Grandma's cat. There isn't a happier girl than Sophie today. She got the stuffed cat she has wanted forever (a few months) and some new clothes for her doll.

The boys pretty much spent the day playing Mario Kart, Lego Indiana Jones and anything else Wii. They are a bit possessive of those controllers. I don't think I got to play much at all. But I had dinner to make and a house to put back into order before my in-laws came over for dinner. I actually baked a turkey and roasted brussel sprouts, along with all the other items we feasted on and will again get to eat tomorrow since there are so many left overs.

Oh and I squeezed in some time to make this.

It doesn't look like much. It is just one of the many Amazon boxes that our presents arrived in but with a little cutting and duct tape it became a little fridge with shelves for Molly's new dishes and food. She spent a good amount of the day cooking on her new little stove top.

Everyone is happy. My husband has put the kids to bed, where I hope they will sleep long and hard, and is now playing 18 holes of golf on the Wii.  So far he is right on par.

Christmas has been lovely.
Thanks for the new George Foreman grill, the popcorn popper and quilt for our bed. It is always nice to receive the things on your wish list.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day full of family, food and fun.


Desiree said...

What a fun idea to make the Harry Potter Mii's. We too have had fun making all sorts of different friends and neighbor Mii's. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! Have fun with the Wii!

Michelle said...

We got a Wii last Christmas. We love it. My 6 year old was obsessed with Lego Star Wars. That is definitely a favorite, and one you will have to get adventually. We all like Wii Resort too. After we put the kids to bed, Aaron and I would find ourselves playing each other in the dogfight airplane game.

Bibliophile said...

I am happy to see that you had a fun Christmas. The children must have had a great time with all their games.

Diane said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Thanks for sharing it with us.