Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Running down the Yellow Brick Road

I know many people are breaking out the Christmas books. I have a shelf full of books for the holidays that I have collected from the library but my kids aren't interested in them. They are all about the land of Oz. We started reading the Wizard of Oz and are now on the 2nd book. The kids already have the next three or four books in the series for us to read. I love that they are excited about these books. I don't mind the stories at all. I do remember reading them a few years ago to Sophie as her bedtime stories and we got through about 8 of them before I asked if we could read something else. I don't know how far in the series we will get but I hope we will get through a few more. Ozma of Oz is my favorite one.

I also picked up the soundtrack to Wicked. I haven't seen or even heard the music before so hopefully it will be fun to listen to. I know many people really love that musical. So between Christmas stories and holiday music we are going to be traveling through the land of Oz.

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Malissa said...

We loved reading,"The Wizard of Oz" too. Maybe we'll have to read the sequels. We're trying to get through, "The Sword in the Stone." I haven't told my kids there is a movie about it yet. We're almost to the middle ages in history, so I think it will fit nicely.