Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Very Busy, Busy Week

The past week has been quite full of activities. This was the first week of Summer Vacation for most kids in our area, so of course a lot of the Moms planned things for their kids to do and we got invited to come along. We don't really do Summer Vacation, as in do nothing but play. We still do some school work but do go about things a lot lighter and take a break from the usual History and Science stuff but try to keep up with Language Arts and Math while doing unit studies or just fun read alouds. This week however wasn't an average week.

Since Father's Day is tomorrow we spent the week (we actually started the week before, knowing how busy this week would be) rowing the book Papa Piccolo. It is a great book about Fathers and what they do for their kids. The kids really enjoyed learning about Italy, Venice in particular and gondolas.

We read a few books about cats. And of course had to read Jack and Annie's adventures in Venice as well as listen to Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery number of times. We even did a few crafts. The kids made cat masks for Carnival and ended the week by making father's day cards. We read a number of great go-alongs that the kids really enjoyed. They always enjoy Theirs a Dolphin in the Grand Canal and we found a great book that our library has but I couldn't find it online at Amazon but did at Alibris. It is Felice by Marsha Brown. It is about a cat in venice that needs to find a home. It is a very old book probably out of print but it went perfectly with Papa Piccolo.

To give Sophie a break from her normal math I got her The adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat and she has enjoyed looking through this book and finding all the different ways math is used. We made Tessellations one day and did origami on another. I often found her with her nose in this book and then she would come and tell me about what Penrose had been learning. She has also been revisiting all the I Love Math books. She knows where to find them at the library and picks up a number of them each week. And the ones that our library doesn't have she asks me to put on hold so they will get them from the other libraries in our system.

This has been about all the academics we have been up to. The rest of the week has been spent playing or on outings.

On Monday we took the kids to a Minor League Baseball Game and I couldn't believe we made it through the whole game. They of course especially loved the cotton candy and getting to play with some of their friends.

On Tuesday we had a swim party at a friends house. I am so happy Ian was swimming without his float. At first he wanted it but I asked him to give it a try without and that was that. He swam around the pool having a great time the rest of the afternoon.

Wednesday, Sophie and I had to go to Oakland for her yearly Cranial Facial Clinic. We saw about 15 different doctors in 3 hours. Sophie was really tired of being poked, prodded and questioned. I don't blame her it isn't a fun morning. But the doctors did say she was right on target for her next surgery to happen within the next year. Once this round of orthodontics are done we will set a date for that. But she still has fluid in her ears causing her to have hearing trouble in that ear, which means she may need to have tubes put in again.
After our morning of doctors I took the kids to our weekly park day and they dug in the sand and water all afternoon.

Thursday was our hike. I already discussed how well that one went in this post.

Friday was spent at the beach. The kids are now a bit crispy and we have all decided to say inside today and Sunday to let our skin recover a bit.

I am glad next week isn't quite so packed with activities. We had a great time but another week of this much going on and I will wear myself out.

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