Friday, June 26, 2009


I know politics is one of those subjects to avoid so that you don't offend anyone but...... Politics play such an important part of our lives that it really is a subject we shouldn't be afraid to discuss and talk about. I grew up in a home that discussed politics all the time. My parents were involved in local political groups and had all sorts of political magazines, books and such around the house. Talk radio was almost always blaring out of 2 or three different radios through out the house that way while my mom did her work she wouldn't miss anything. I couldn't help knowing and learning about what was going on in the nation and how my parents felt about it.

My husband and I discuss the goings on in Sacramento and D.C. all the time. Our kids can't help but learn all the names and some of the bills and such that we discuss. It is always so funny to hear little Henry or Ian talk about those "robbers in Washington", or those "bad guys" in government. But I think it is great that they are paying attention and ask us questions all the time if there is something they don't understand. We try to take the time to explain why we feel this or that way about something that is going on so hopefully our kids will have a pretty good grasp of government and economics and how they affect our family and their future.

One of my favorite things as a kid was the look through the magazines that would come in the mail. I didn't read many of the articles but loved looking at the political cartoons. I learned a lot from these cartoons and miss seeing more of them. Occasionally there is a good one in the one in the few magazines that we do subscribe to but I get most of my information on the internet so don't get to see as many of these cartoons. When I see a good one or receive one in my email I need to start printing them out so my kids can see them. Sometimes cartoons can make a point, especially in children, when talking doesn't.

This one reminds me of School House Rock's Tyrannosaurus Debt. My kids love School House Rock. I think we need to break this out again.

Next week in honor of our nations birthday we are going to read a bunch of books about our founding fathers and The Constitution. I have a feeling we will be discussing how different our government is run today compared to what the founding fathers planned. Even at my kids' tender ages they are learning all about politics and how our world works.

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Bibliophile said...

I am glad to read that our political activism and dialogue was of value to you! Yea!