Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Nesting/Prep work - One month to go!

On Saturday we decided to go look at beds. We decided to get a new twin bed for our baby. No she isn't going to be sleeping in it any time soon. Her crib bed is still hanging out in our walk in closet waiting for me to finally get it set up. We just thought it would nice to have an extra bed in the house when the baby comes. We had a free bed when Henry came and it was very nice to have. It is a great place for Grandma to sleep when she comes to help. It is also the place my husband escapes to when baby wakes up several times a night and he needs to get some sleep so he isn't a zombie at work the next day. Well Saturday we went to the bed store and were just going to look but ended up buying one because they are having a great sale and figured why wait.

So the bed is being delivered tomorrow, Monday. In anticipation of its arrival we were clearing out a space in Sophie's room for it. But Sophie has the smaller of the two kid bedrooms and we decided that putting two twin beds in her room wouldn't really work space wise. We thought the two twins should go in the other, bigger, room and the bunk beds should be in the smaller room. So tonight we set to work taking apart the bunk beds and then reassembling them in the other room. The kids are so excited to be switching room! The boys will now share the smaller room and have the bunk beds up (we had them separated in the other room). My poor husband did all the heavy lifting while I just pushed things around a bit and swept all the dust bunnies that we stirred up as we moved everything around. He didn't want to send me into labor, although I feel pretty much ready to have this pregnancy over and done. The magic 37 weeks, full term, isn't until next week, so he had me take things easy.

This ended up being a really long project and we aren't even done yet. The beds are moved but the kids were upset that their stuff was in their old rooms and not the new rooms yet. I told them we would spend all day Monday making the switch but it didn't totally appease them. They kept taking thing back and forth between the room trying to exchange as much as they could. But for now they are put to bed. I hope they stay there and don't have any nightmares because things are a bit chaotic in each of the rooms and they are all sleeping in different rooms then they are used to.

But the new bed arrives tomorrow and that is one less thing on my list that needs to get done before the baby comes. But there is a lot to do in the morning to get the kids rooms all organized again. But it will be good to muck through their stuff and throw out a few things, if they will let me.


Angela said...

How fun is this- new rooms! My kids all just decided to mix it up this week, right after we painted everyones rooms to match their request. My daughter has been sleeping everywhere and finally needs her own space-so I am trying to figure out what I can do with lime green walls, that matched my sons room perfectly!

Cellista said...

I am already itching to put things in order and I have 6 months to go plus we'll hopefully be in another house by then anyway. I'm just hoping to get to 37 weeks this time around, I don't want to repeat the 33-week water breaking again. Good luck finishing up everything!

Jen said...

I love switching rooms around, what fun!