Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am starting to feel like I am coming to the end of the pregnancy. 5 more weeks (The three others have all come 5 days early so I am counting on this one doing the same) and I don't really feel ready yet for her to arrive. But I am making little steps in the right direction to hopefully make her arrival a little less chaotic and to feel prepared for her.

I am still working on the walk in closet which is going to be her room. I got the crib down about a week ago and it is in there, not set up. There is still a few boxes that need to be moved to make room and that means I have to actually find somewhere else to store it. But I am making progress.

I went and got the baby car seat out to clean and washed it. It has been through 3 kids already and has probably passed it's expiration date but I just don't feel like buying another car seat so we are just going to make due with what we have. Is this bad of me. Money is just too tight right now to buy a bunch of new things that are only going to last a few months.

I haven't broken out the baby girl clothes yet but am planning to get to it soon since I haven't seen them in almost 8 years. I guess I should find out what I actually saved and if there is anything new I need.

I have started cooking extra things to put in the freezer too. Last week it was Calzone. I made pizza for dinner and then a bunch of calzone to squirrel away for later. Those will be nice for dinner sometime but they may not make it a month. I find myself getting lazy about making dinner so they may get used sometime during the next few weeks. I guess I will have to make them again sometime soon, on one of those days I actually decide to bake. This morning I made a double batch of Pumpkin muffins and stashed 3/4 of them in the freezer. A little treat some time will be really nice. These are the things that I usually freeze. Anyone have any other good foods I can prepare and freeze now?

I actually looked at my dresses today, while getting ready for church, and told myself this was the last time I would have to wear this skirt, perhaps. I actually looked at a number of my maternity clothes and thought it might be alright to send it along to my sister who is also pregnant but just starting to show. I can get by for the next few weeks with less of my wardrobe right? We will see how I feel tomorrow when I look at my clothes and try to find something to wear that doesn't make me feel huge. How can I not look huge? How about less huge? Today I just wanted comfortable.

This evening, Henry and Ian laid down on my belly to talk to the baby. Henry said "baby come out soon, you have been in there long enough". Ian, of course, told the baby to "hurry up and come out". Even they are ready to have this baby come. It does feel like we have been waiting a long time already.

I guess I am looking forward to not being pregnant any more. My only worries are about the actual birth. I have done this 3 times and know how not fun, i.e. painful, it is (and I usually have it pretty easy and quick). But to have my body back to some sort of normal sounds so nice. How nice it sounds to not have to go to bed with swollen feet and wake up with tingling fingers. No the first few weeks with a newborn aren't easy but at this point I am just ready to be done.

The last few weeks are always the hardest!


Jen said...

The muffins sound really good!

I was surprised to find when I went through my kids clothes a few months back, how quickly they deteriorate in storage. The elastics in my youngest's old clothes were already crumbly and she's only 4 so they hadn't been in storage too long! I ended up donating what was still use able and we will start from scratch if we have another.

Alison said...

Things like lasagna (you could make it without cheese) or stuffing freeze well. My Mom used to make chicken rolls that freeze quite well. The idea is similar to a calzone but the inside is chopped cooked chicken, broccoli, onion, sage, chicken bullion and cream cheese. You could use a little gravy instead of the cheese.

Good luck!

Angela said...

How about soups?

This is so exciting I can't wait for you- Wow, we tried to have number 5 via adoption and it didn't work out 3 years later. So needless to say I am envious of all of the new babies in the homeschool community. I love the nesting time, because of the whole organize, clean out deal. Maybe I will fake that I am prego and do my closet and kids closets today:)