Saturday, February 27, 2016

The highly anticipated Lego Set

Have I mentioned that my kids are Doctor Who fans? Henry has been talking and talking about the Doctor Who lego set for months. It came out in January, but he has known about it for months and months. He was very disappointed it came out after Christmas but since we had a "NO LEGO CHRISTMAS" this year it wouldn't have showed up under the tree anyway. 

 Last night I surprised him with the set. He had been very upset. He found out his best friend is moving in a month. He was very upset and I felt like he needed some cheering up. The Doctor Who Lego set had been in my closet for a few weeks waiting for the right moment to come out. I was going to save it for Easter or some other special day but felt like the right time to bring this one out.  It was already 9:00 at night but he got right to work building.

 Molly just liked to play with the mini figures. She kept changing up the parts and making The Doctor have the Weeping Angels wings and hair or have Clara have one of the Doctor's hair.

 Ian was busy building Daleks.

 Henry was very meticulous about following the directions. He didn't want anything built wrong.

 Oh look the TARDIS!
 It opens up!

 And it connects to the TARDIS console.
This is a great LEGO set and my kids are thrilled with it. 
Henry said "This has been the best and the worst day".  He is still upset about his friend moving nothing will make that blow hurt less but he is happy to finally have the Lego set he has been dreaming and talking about for ages.

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