Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our Walk

Whenever we are up at my parent's house all we have to say to the kids is "Get your shoes on, Time for the Walk" and they know exactly where we are headed. The walk up at Grandma's house is a trip up their street and back. 

 Lately, when my kids start getting restless and begin fighting, I say "let's go on the walk."  They know what I mean. They get their shoes on or skates and grab scooters for the walk around our block. It is really an empty field right next to our house. It has a wide sidewalk that goes all the way around and is mostly flat so it is perfect for skates, scooters, rip-stick, or just a quick walk.
 The weather has been perfect for our daily stroll at any time of day but as it warms up we will have to plan the timing of our walk a little more to avoid the hottest part of the day.
 The trees haven't all decided it is spring yet.  They line both sides of the sidewalk most of the way.  Can you tell from the way they lean that we live in a windy place. All the trees lean because the winds always blow east.

 Molly finds a few flowers along the way.

 Scooter, skate, running train!
They always leave me way behind.  But at least the almost 2 mile walk does get them a little exercise and tires them out at least a little. The half hour walk is well worth the time!

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