Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fancy Dance

 The Young Men and Young Woman in our ward held a "Fancy Dance" on Feb. 13th. It was used as a fund raiser for activities they want to do. Since we have two kids now attending these activities we felt like we had to show up and participate.  The youth did a great job decorating the gym and even picked some fun music for us old folks to dance to. How often do we get to go dancing? It has been many years! I think most of the adults in the ward were a bit skeptical. Many of us aren't all that excited to dance like we did back in our younger days. But I think most everyone that attended enjoyed the evening more than anticipated. There was a lot of sitting around the tables chatting but there was also quite a bit of dancing.

The youth sold tickets to the dance and then also had an auction of baked goods. It was a fun evening and the youth ended up with enough to have a great youth conference this Summer.
The young woman who took the pictures was trying to be creative by taking them all at an angle I guess.  

I think the youth are talking about doing this again next year. It went well this year! 

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