Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our Last Blue and Gold cake

Henry is a Webelo cub scout this year so we made yet another cake for the annual Blue and Gold banquet. The theme for the evening was "One in a Minion" but Henry decided his cake needed to be a Kirby cake.
 Our Yellow frosting ended up looking more yellow orange but Henry liked that. He was very particular about the pink that he needed for Kirby.

 Kirby ended up looking rather cute! Henry is a great cake decorator.
 Here is my well decorated cub scout! He received two more pins that night. He is getting close to having his Webelos rank done and is already well on the way to finishing his Arrow of Light. It is nice being his Webelos Den Leader. Fun to get to hang out with these silly 10 year old boys.
 Part of the fun of the Blue and Gold is seeing what the scouts bring for dessert. Each scout brings a cake.
 There were many Minion themed cakes.
 And a bunch of Blue and Gold themed cakes.
So by the end of Summer Henry will leave Cub Scouts and head into the world of Boy Scouts. We won't have a Cub in the house anymore. This could be the last Blue and Gold Banquet we attend. 

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