Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Architecture - Lego Style

I put this Lego Architecture book on hold at the library and when the boys saw it on the shelf they were so excited. They poured over the pages and dreamed of all the great sets that they want.

Then last night Henry brought me this lovely creation. He didn't have any directions. He just had the pictures in the book and what ever pieces he could find in our Lego bin. It isn't the off white or tan color that the actual lego set comes in but I thinkhe did a very nice job on his Empire State Building. 

Here are some other buildings Ian made out of bricks we already have. 

I don't know if we will ever buy one of these Archtecture sets. I keep telling the boys they have way more legos than they need.  The state of the floor in their room is enough to tell me they have too many! Yet they always seem to want yet another set. For now I am happy the boys are being creative with the legos they already have.

Henry is dreaming of the Trevie fountain

That is the set he thinks is the best and is now on the top of his wish list.  I may have really stepped in it by getting that Lego Architecture book. My boys have only found yet another lego theme that they can't live without.

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