Sunday, January 4, 2015

I don't go anywhere without my Kindle.

Ove the past two years I have kept a little notebook beside my bed and I write down all the books I read. I am sure I missed a few but not many!

I included books I read aloud to the kids and the Audio books we listen to together in the car or house. These aren't the picture books I read. Maybe one year I will actually write those down. But I would have to keep a notebook with me all the time to do that so I could jot them down as the day goes. I didn't count any book we count for school either. The books I added to my list were the books I read aloud, listen to with the kids for fun reads. Some of these books I read because Sophie was assigned to read them for her school classes and I wanted to read them also so I could help her and discuss them with her.

This post will not include a list of the books. I won't bore anyone with that. Not all of these books are ones I would recommend or are even worth reading. I read a few books for review that I really thought were a waste of time!

 I just wanted to keep track of what I have spent my time reading and and have a record of the titles in case there was a great one that I needed to revisit. I would often star the ones that are great and I needed to read again. Or note the ones that had language or such that I don't want to revisit or can't recommend. I didn't note down the ones that I didn't finish at all. There were several that I was supposed to read and review that I didn't finish so never made my list. I guess I should have noted those.

In my notebook I mark a "K" next to the ones I read on my kindle and an "A" next to the ones I read via Audio. And I also add an R if it is a book I read to review.  I hadn't really counted them up or analyzed this list but thought I would spend a moment to take a look at it now.

In 2013 I read 136.
56 were read on my Kindle, 25 were Audio books and I read 29 for review.

In 2014 I read 140.
95 were read on my Kindle, 23 were Audio books and I read 76 for review.
(13 of the Kindle and Review books were Novellas so quite a bit shorter than a full novel)

I guess you could say I am pretty consistent. No dramatic increase or decrease as far as reading goes. Except I am reading a whole lot more books on my kindle and more of the books I read are books I am reading for review.

I admit that books I read on my kindle are usually not the harder reads. If I read non-fiction it has to be hard back not digital. Digital format is great for novels and such. Which means, if I am reading more and more books on my kindle. Does that mean I am reading less substantial novels or non-fiction books? Perhaps so!

I think this year I am going to start ranking the books in difficulty as well. I know I read a whole lot of easy, mind candy like books. I love historical novels! And I am always happy to indulge in a clean romance to escape from my everyday hustle bustle. But I know I haven't read a whole lot of non-fiction lately.  I guess I read enough of that with the kids as we do school so I don't feel the need to pick it up for my pleasure reads.

So how is that for analysis on my reading habits. Just a few numbers to throw out there as I face a new year and think about what is on my "to be read" pile.

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Bibliophile said...

I have tried to keep a list of books I've read, but I keep forgetting to list them. I like your idea of rating them and indicating that I read a hardback book or one on my Kindle. I read a lot more now with my Kindle because I can take it with me everywhere, and if a book is boring or too intense for reading at a certain time, I can switch to another book on the Kindle. I really like the Kindle!