Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Iggy Peck

Henry is taking an online art class and this week's assignment was to draw or create something that illustrates some of the elements and principles of art:  line, shape, color, ballance, pattern etc.  I had also picked up a fun book at the library that I decided was the perfect jumping off point for his assignment.
 So after reading the book aloud to Molly and the boys, I pulled out the drawing paper, pencils, and some rulers to make our own drawing of buildings.
 We started by making a few tall rectangles and then adding in strips of windows or some sort of pattern on each which made it look more like a building.
 Henry of course added a creeper destrying his metropolis.

 Ian worked on this assignment with us too. He added a few helicopters to his.
 Here is my page of buildings.
 It is fun to draw and I don't do enough of it. I am happy to see my kids' art skills improving and see their creativity come out.
While we were down in the kitchen doing our art, Molly was upstairs using my sharpies to draw some ponies.

Sophie was attending one of her online classes while we were having a good time drawing  but later saw our masterpieces and had to give this project a try too.

My kids loved this assignment. They loved the book. Who wouldn't appreciate a well illustrated book with a clever rhyming text. They showed their artwork and had their Dad read the book to them again when he came home from work.

I really don't do enough of these types of "school work". I am sure glad Henry is taking an art class and for the many blogs and such that I read each day that give such great recommendations on fun books to share with my kids.

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