Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It is always difficult to get good pictures at night around the campfire. So bare with these very fuzzy shots. 

 Each time we go up to my parents house my boys ask Grandpa if there is a burn pile.
My dad had made it a habit to create or save a large pile of sticks for my boys (one in particular) who love to play with fire.
 Grandpa actually had a BYU basketball game going so he didn't care to head out to the fields to light up the fire so my husband had to be the adult in charge out by the flames.
 Molly quickly wanted to join the boys so I headed out with her and she stayed until there was nothing but ashes.
 This is Henry's favorite part! He loves throwing in old papers and magazines and moving the sticks around.
 We were stripping off coats and enjoying the warmth of the fire.

 Eventually even Sophie came out to join us. She had been off with her cousins to one of their friend's birthday party. She came home in time to play with the fire for a bit too.

 The game must have ended because Grandpa came out to finish off the pile.
Even Hoppy came to check out what was going on out on her turf. 

This is one of those things that we only get to do at Grandpas house. My kids will forever remember doing bonfires out in the fields. I guess it is good all those old trees around my parent's place keep dropping limbs or falling over. There seems to be an endless amount of branches that need burning.

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