Sunday, December 28, 2014

How did I miss these from Thanksgiving!

I know this is about a month ago but I found some pictures of Thanksgiving that I missed sharing.  Sophie has a camera and sometimes it goes with us and documents things that I miss with our regular famil camera. It is nice to have another camera snapping shots of friends, family and events but I often forget to upload those pictures and include them when I write up posts. So here are some lovely pictures of our ourdoor Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house.

 We brought some of our friends to Thanksgiving dinner. They were away from their families so came to celebrate the day with our clan. We certainly aren't fancy but I think everyone had a good time and plenty of good things to eat!
 Hoppy the cow even came to the fence to try out the scraps that were thrown over the fence for the animals.
 Ian has told me he loves to take selfies and that he always looks good in them!
 My Dad became the owner of some pans so thought after eating a heavy dinner it was the perfect time to go out to the stream nearby and try our luck finding gold.

 I don't think anyone found much more than a little gold dust but when you live and visit gold country it is fun to at least give it a try!

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