Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without...... Princesses and Legos!?!

We told the kids months ago when we discussed our trip to Disneyland. We explained that our trip was their gift from us so there wouldn't be any gifts under the tree from Mom and Dad. They all heartily agreed and had a great time at Disneyland but now that Christmas was here and the prospect of not having gifts to look forward to was somewhat sad for the kids. Molly especially has felt deprived. Maybe I need to read a few more Little House on the Praire Christmas' or something to make sure she appreciates the things she does have and recieved on Christmas. 

Despite not getting gifts from Mom and Dad, gifts still seemed to show up. On Christmas Eve morning we opened the packages Grandma sent. We were headed up to my parents house for Christmas and didn't feel like packing all the gifts so allowed the kids to open these at home so they could be left behind. 

 Molly loved the new Repunzel dress she was given.

 There were a few minecraft books which were enjoyed and even a Lego Movie book.
 Molly packed up her dress and her new sock monkey to take to the other Grandma's house. I think the boys packed there minecraft books too. I guess that defeated the purpose of opening gifts so we could leave them at home.

Christmas Day arrived and there were stockings of candies and socks.  A pretty tamed down stocking.

 The kids decided to draw a name for gifts for siblings this year that way they could get one bigger gift rather than try to find small things to give to each.  Ian picked out this Merida Blanket for Sophie.
Molly picked out a remote conrol helecopter for Henry.
And Grandma made sure a few more Legos made it to our house.
Henry picked out a Lego Technic set for Ian. 

Molly got a new Merida barbie like doll from Grandma and Sophie gave her a few My Little Ponies. Molly was thrilled with her Christmas!
 Grandma fulfilled Sophie's request for a Merida princess dress of her own. Look at this lovely purple gown.

 Girls really don't ever grow out of the desire to dress up as their favorite characters.

 Here are Molly's new pjs that she got from her other Grandma. They match the sock monkey's pjs.

 That was about it as far as Christmas went. The kids were fine with getting only two presents on Christmas morning and I was impressed that they didn't whine about not getting more. They just enjoyed gifts they did get and talked endlessly about our trip to Disneyland.

The rest of Christmas was a bit quiet.  I did a puzzle. I do one almost every holiday.  One strange thing while sitting here.... That big window behind me stretches across most of that wall and at one point I heard a loud thunk against it. I thought perhaps a rock or something had be thrown but when I got up a robin had flown into the glass and we think it broke its neck. That doesn't happy all that often, even with those big windows. Poor bird!

 Molly pulled out my old plastic horses and the barn and had Merida ride the clydesdale horse around calling it Angus.

We took the long walk with our cousins and enjoyed the crisp air.

We facetimed with the cousins that live on the other side of the continent.

And ate a lot of yummy food, watched a whole bunch of Myth Busters, and just enjoyed being with family.

That was a nice, mellow Christmas.

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