Monday, December 22, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

We have done few of our regular Christmas traditions this year. I think because we spent the first part of December at Disney and knowing that that was pretty much our Christmas (the kids know there won't be gifts from Mom and Dad this year. Disney was our gift.) some of the excitement is gone.

We did make gingerbread houses with friends one Monday night for a joint FHE.  I made our gingerbread and cut it into the shapes needed to build houses. My goodness did my house smell good! In the past I have purchased the kits that have everything you need to build houses but I didn't want to do that. Half the fun was baking the gingerbread and having the kids play with scraps of dough and then cutting out shapes to bake.

Add in some frosting, candies and friends and it was great fun for everyone.

Everyone was on a bit of a sugar high I think!

The finished products looked great!

And one thing that makes me want to make my own gingerbread every year is that these houses tasted great too. We have been snacking on the candy of course but we also dug into the roofs and walls as well. I usually hadn't been a big gingerbread fan but my did this taste yummy!

A yummy a fun tradition. What could be better than that! 

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