Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Characters Ventured out at Disney

The rain at Disney kept many of the characters from walking the parks.  But we caught a few of them between big rains. 
We caught Micky greeting guests as we came outside after watching the Abraham Lincoln show in the Main Square.

When we ventured into Toon Town Goofy happened to be at home.

Molly made sure we made it into Pixie Hollow to see what fairies we might find. Tinker Bell and
Rosetta were willing to take a picture with us.

We went in search of a bathroom in Tomorrowland and saw a few guys from that space movie my boys love to watch.
 Unfortunely there was no Jedi training because of the downpour but we did find a few of the good guys about too.
Each night the big parade was cancelled and this is what we got instead.

Two covered cars with characters inside racing through the park. I guess it is a trade off. Long lines and a parade or short lines and lots of rides!

So despite the rain we saw quite a few characters..... oh but wait..... I haven't even mentioned the most important characters that we were able to visit.  I have to have a post just for them because OH BOY! did we get to see princess!

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