Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pinewood Derby

This is the only year Ian and Henry will compete together in a Pinewood Derby. This is Henry's first year getting to make and race a car and Ian's last. 

Henry went with looks over speed and made his car look like a shark. Ian went with a rather traditional design and at the last minute he agreed to paint some sparkles on the sides of his car with some nail polish. I thought it looked great.  I wasn't there for the weight check and empounding of the cars. Evidently Ian's needed a lot more weight and they ended up gluing on a bunch of pennies to bring the weight up.

 The races didn't go all that well for my boys. Evidently their wheels were hammered in slightly angled and it really slowed the cars down.  There were two trips down the track when Henry's car didn't even make it to the finish line.
 But the boys were good sports. Despite having a poor showing the boys had fun and cheered each other on.

 Ian got an award for the car with the most bling. (I guess the nail polish was a hit)
 Henry had the scariest car.
We may not have the fanciest cars and this year we certainly didn't drive away the winners but we had fun and that is the point, right?!

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