Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun at the Cabin

We were invited to spend the weekend at our friend's cabin. We were excited to get to spend a few days with friends that we don't get to see often. They are friends from our former home. We have made an effort to keep up with many of the friends from our old area. The kids were really excited to get to go and play. 

Sophie helped make a fort in the "girls room" in the cabin. 
 We were actually hoping to have snow. This time of year there is usually snow up in the Sierras. The cabin is at about 5000 feet so in February there should be snow. But this is what it looked like.
 The kids had a great time playing outside. But we are really sad that we didn't get to see or play in any snow.
 You can tell from the pictures that there is only a little bit of snow up on the tops of the mountains. Certainly not enough for the time of year.
 It was pretty scary when we went to the nearby lake/ reservoir.
This should be all covered in snow.
 We might be wearing jackets in this picture but soon those came off because it was rather warm in the sun and when we hiked around to the dam we were all toasty.

 During our hike to the dam the kids all had a great time climbing all the rocks.
 Here is the dam. This is the only place there was much water in the lake and that is usually almost up to the top of the dam. We sure are in trouble here in CA when our reservoirs are this low and there is no snow in the mountains.

 It was a lovely hike around to the dam. And we had a great long weekend with our friends playing games and talking.

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