Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Transitioning from picture books to chapter books - Great Read Alouds!

Before going to bed we almost always have story time. My husband reads a book to the kids. He has read through all the Fablehaven series and is now reading Eragon. Molly isn't usually interested in these stories so brings me a few picture books to read to her.  Lately we have been reading a few new books that are actually more like chapter books. She loves them! Usually each chapter is a tale on its own but they are part of a whole group of stories with the same characters the reappear throughout.

Jenny and the Cat Club was a favorite for a long while.  I need to get a few of the other books in this series. Evidently Jenny goes to sea, to school, stays at a hotel and has a birthday as well. I think the New York Review reprinted 7 of them for their collection. I have already reserved a few more at the library but they don't have all 7 so we may have to find some elsewhere as well.

For Christmas Molly was given a Raggedy Ann doll from her Grandma. Grandma fondly remembered playing and having the Raggedy Ann stories.  Molly wanted to know the tales of Raggedy Ann, but since I didn't know any I figured we better look for the books. So to the library website I went and sure enough there were three Raggedy Ann books in the system.  I put them all on hold thinking they would be picture books. When they arrived they turned out to be more like chapter books.

I didn't know how well Molly would do with this one since there was quite a bit of text on each page. There was usually a picture on every page so she got to at least see something while I read the long page of writing. I am surprised at how well she sits and listens to me read. She had me read a number of stories before she went to bed last night and then kept asking me to read her some more today. I finally was able to sit down and read to her and we made it through another 3 stories. We aren't even close to finishing the first book yet. 

I am glad she is so excited about these stories. These are vintage stories with old terms and excellent writing. I love finding these lovely books with great classic vocabulary. They don't make many books like these today. I am enjoying them and I caught my boys listening in while I read the stories to Molly today. Nobody can pass up a good read aloud!


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