Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Molly School

I have yet to really start doing any kind of school with Molly. She is now 4 1/2 and ready to do more than just cause distraction and havoc while I try to get the other kids to do school. At this age Sophie was already getting to Row FIAR books. I never could swing FIAR very well with the boys. And as much as I loved the FIAR program I just can't give it the effort I did with Sophie. I tried when the boys got to be that age but never could pull it off like I did the two years or so that I rowed books with Sophie.  Many of the books we used during our time with FIAR have become regular books in our read alouds and books before bed already so I know all the kids at least can say they know those great FIAR books.

I used Explode the code to teach the boys how to read.  Molly has already gone through the Ready, Set, Go for the code books. I could just continue to move through the books like I did with the boys but I decided to give something different a try.  I ordered the Primary Arts of Language sets for Reading and Writing from the Institute of Excellence in Writing. Thanks goodness for the 50% off Clearance items sale they had in Dec!  So I am going to give this program a try. I didn't get the all about Spelling but I know the reading and writing will be more than I can handle anyway.

I also ordered the Sassafras Science Adventure Volume1: Zoology for me to read aloud to her. At this age Sophie was all about animals and loved reading and doing projects about animals so I figured this would be a fun way to do that with Molly. I think I may just have the boys join us on this one and they can do more written work to go along with the study of animals and biomes since our Chemistry studies have really fizzled the last few months. This will be a fun change of pace. Who knows if we like it well enough there is another adventure into anatomy and hopefully yet another, biology to come out shortly.

I have also found a gymnastics class for Molly to attend. She attended ballet for one semester a year or so ago and has been asking and asking when she can have it again. So the community center in our new city has a class for preschool kids and I signed her up and added it to the schedule. We will see how it goes.

That will be school for Molly. Hopefully we will have her reading and participating more and having less of her whirlwind adventures that tend to disrupt our day.

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