Saturday, January 18, 2014

I have a moment.. but just a moment.

I don't get to sit here at the computer much these days. I often read my email and such on my kindle because Sophie is almost constantly on the computer either for class or working on assignments for class. I think she spends a bit of time reading google+ things that she has recieved from friends too.  When I do get a chance to sit here at the computer it is usually to quickly print something out or upload another audiobook so it can be put onto an ipod. That is what I am currently doing. Each of the kids got an ipod (used off of ebay) for Christmas. They now are always asking me to put some new audio book on for them to listen to. They are all currently listening to Ender's Shadow. They made it through Ender's Game before Christmas and I didn't see my personal ipod for days and days because they were passing it back and forth between them.

So anyway..... here is my chance to sit and write something. Post pictures or share my latest personal progress work, or even talk about what we are doing for school. Where to start?

I guess we will start with a few pictures.
Ian had a birthday. He is officially double digits.
He of course had a chocolate cake and recieved lots of legos.
He is such a great kid!
Here are my cuties Molly and Henry waiting outside Sophie's Orthodontist's office. 
Our kitten Peezy has this facination with water. She doesn't get in but loves to watch whoever is in the tub or shower. It isn't often we can take a bath without an audience.
Everytime I go to upload photos I find a number of shots like this one. 
Molly sure loves to take pictures of herself.
We have had perfect weather here in CA. Not too chilly and certainly sunny. These kids may be wearing jackets in this picture but guess who was carrying them about 2 minutes after this shot was taken and carried them all the way to the park and back?
I say perfect weather but the lack of real winter is starting to worry us. Not much water last year and next to no water yet this year too. I sure hope we get some rain sometime soon or we may be really suffering for lack of moisture here shortly!
Ok... so now for school.

School is going pretty well. Two weeks into this latest semester and Sophie has turned in all her assignments for Williamsburg and has been getting math and piano practice in as well. The boys and I have been doing great with the Sassafrass Science.
This is our table after one of our science lessons.
They love learning about animals and they aren't fighting the written work I have them do for each habitat and animal the twins visit in the book. That has certainly been successful!

They also really love the One Minute Science Mysteries we have been working through. We tend to read through at least three of them everyday but often more. We are still working through the first book but I am sure we will make it though all three of these.

We aren't doing a whole lot for History. This is a big change for us. Usually it is science that takes a supporting role and History is at the forefront of our studies but I just haven't done much more than read aloud Justin Morgan Had A Horse by Margaritte Henry. The boys are enjoying me read to them and it does take place in American History right at the end of the revolutionary war so it is the correct time period but we aren't doing much more than reading this book. I guess I need to step up the history studies a bit.

Math is going pretty well and the boys are doing their spelling and writing more or less without complaining.  They even enjoy their new piano teacher and do their assigned theory exercise and practice that she asks of them. I have to remind them but that is what Moms do best right? They remind kids to do what they are supposed to do.

I still have yet to start anything with Molly. I just can't seem to fit it all in each day. I will really need to fit it in soon. She is ready to start reading I think.

We meet with our new Charter School's ES next week we will have to see what she says about our schooling. She seems like she is going to be much more hands on then our last Charter School's ES. I don't know if I am going to like that!

My moment is up and I need to move onto other things. Hopefully I will get another moment on the computer again soon.

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