Friday, November 22, 2013

That Worn in Feel

The other day Sophie made an observation as we were driving down the road. She said, "It feels like we are on vacation and will be going back to our normal life". The other kids quickly agreed with her statement. I admit, it does sort of not feel like real life yet.  Moving, after living in the same area for 13 years, has really been... I don't want to say hard but change is hard.  Our "new real" doesn't quite feel comfortable yet. I guess it is like getting a new pair of shoes or new jeans. They just aren't form fitted to your foot or body yet. They may be your size and look good on you, but they just don't have that worn in feel to them. This new house, new neighborhood, new ward, new friends and new neighbors just don't quite feel natural yet.

Sophie received some very kind mail today that set these feelings into motion and made me recall her earlier comment. She got a card from the Young Woman leader in our former ward with all the girls signing it. It was accompanied by a picture of the 9 girls that made up the YW from that ward, Sophie included.  Along with this card, the mail also contained a package from her Sunday School teacher. The 11 &12 year old girls made a little scrapbook with pictures from their different activities during class throughout the year. They used to act out a lot of the church history stories and the teacher took pictures of the girls in their costumes. Sophie had the best Sunday School teacher! She was so lucky to have this wonderful lady teach her class.  Sophie quickly took the picture, card and scrapbook to her room and put the picture in a frame to place on her night table. I admit I got that homesick feeling and a little teary eyed while looking at the pictures and reading the lovely comments with her.

There have been many moments like this where it is difficult to remember that those people aren't a part of our daily or weekly life. They have been a part of so many of the great memories of our years there. We miss those people a lot! To continue the comparison, it is like those worn in, faded, but comfortable jeans are suddenly no longer wearable. There is a hole or stain or something that takes them out of the wardrobe rotation. You have to just have to let them go and wear a new pair.  The new pair after many wearings soon become worn in and no longer rub or pinch and they become the new favorite. It just takes time for the process to happen.

It would be really nice if everything in our new everyday life fit us perfectly. It is hard not to make comparisons to or miss the normal of our prior days. It will take many years and frequent wearings before this new pair of jeans feels as comfortable as the pair we loved and had to leave behind. We make adjustments and changes and soon this "Vacation life" will feel more like home.

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