Thursday, November 14, 2013

While we wait

 On Sunday mornings when the kids are all ready to go but one or the other of the parents is busy running around doing last minute things seems to be the best time for a quick photo shoot.  My kids all look good and are more or less in good spirits.
So I make them all pose and smile for the camera. You can tell Ian isn't really thrilled about having his picture taken.

 Molly of course couldn't contain herself for long and had to start hamming for the camera.
 Her hair looks good!
 Two handsome boys!
 And my girls are looking lovely. Molly wears this outfit almost every week. She loves the brown skirt and the pink sweater. There won't be too many more wearings of the pink sweater. It is a 3T and she is squeezing into it.  Oh and don't forget the necklace. This one is her favorite because the clasp is a magnent. This keeps her entertained during church while she puts it on and off each of us and finds other things she can find that are magnetic.
 Sophie is becoming very picky about her clothes. I guess all those years of me nitpicking her about her coices is coming back to haunt me. She usually goes through several shirt and skirt combos each Sunday before settling on one that works. She put this outfit together rather quickly. I think she tried 3 different skirts with the black shirt before settling for the black.  Black goes with black quite nicely.
 Yes my kids love to have pictures taken of themselves.
 Look at those chapped lips on Henry.  It is a bit drier in our new area and Henry needs to stop licking his lips!

So in the two minutes it took for my husband to grab his jacket, ipad and keys my kids proved how handsome, beautful, silly and stylish they are.

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Bibliophile said...

Would you please send me the original photos that you entered here so that i can use them for the family calendar?