Friday, January 18, 2013

Playing with the other Cousins

My sister lives on the other side of the USA. We talk via ichat quite often but don't see them in person and play with them pretty much at all. My sister was in town for work and a family wedding so the girls got to come over and play with us one day last week. I am finally getting around to putting the pictures here on my blog. I have had my nose in a book or my kindle when I had free time and just haven't felt compelled to blog I guess. 

 Molly was in heaven with a cousin her age to play with. Good thing we have a few princess dresses for these girls to wear. Molly wasn't totally excited about sharing her toys but was able to let her cousins try a few things.

 Henry particularly loved his baby cousin. She is just over a year old and Henry just loved making her laugh.

 After playing inside for a bit I figured it was time to get outside to play for a bit. We took a bike/scooter ride around the block.
 Herding these 2 three year olds was a little frustrating. They kept wanting to go into everyone's yards. I don't know how people do twins. These two kept me on my toes all the way around our block.  I seriously was herding cats!

 Sophie was such a big help since she took the baby in the stroller and kept her happy.
 The princess dresses went back on once we were back inside.
 They set up some thrones

 This is the drama queen Molly explaining that we have two princesses but don't have any princes.
 Thanks for letting us have your two girls for the day, Auntie. It was a lot of fun!
Hopefully we will be able to get together again soon. Soon meaning within the next few years. We just don't make it to the east coast often.

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