Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Little P.E.

Ian got a new basket ball for his birthday. Now there are three balls, one for each kid. With the sun shinning and the driveway dry I figured it was a good morning to get out for a little Physical Education.  Since I have to turn in pictures of my kids doing P.E. I took the camera out with me too.

The kids did a few dribbling drills.

 They learned how to pass the ball. It took a long time before the boys figured out that the goal wasn't to bounce it so hard it goes over the receiver's head.  Eventually the balls started to actually go to the person intended.

 Then we finally started shooting baskets.  This is always what the boys want to do. They don't care about dribbling and passing. We tried a few lay-ups. With the hoop so low they were able to do these quite easily.

 Then went for a few free throws.

My kids are getting too big for the short hoop we have. They can slam dunk it pretty easily and it doesn't go any higher. I guess it is time to get a taller hoop. It would certainly make shooting hoops a little more of a challenge.  How did my kids get too big for their hoop already?!

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