Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Greshem Cronicles

 A few weeks ago started one of the many free Kindle books I have "bought". The Widow of Larkspur Inn is still free for any that want to give it a try. You won't be disappointed. It is a lovely Christian story about family that moves to the small village in England. After reading the first book on my Kindle I looked for the next book in the series and luckily my library had the rest of the books there so I quickly make my way through them.

 This series reminded me a bit of Cranford because of the small community with the interesting characters. It also reminded me a bit of the Midford series because the vicar's family is the main thread through the entire series. However, you do get a good look at many of the different characters that in habit the village of Gresham and become quite attached to them. It is always fun to catch glimpses of some of the characters that played a bigger role in one story show up in the next but in a background roll this time. A little update on their progress or lives is always welcome.

I was sorry to see the series end. Perhaps, I will have to see what else Lawana Blackwell has written.

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Karen said...

I just "bought" that (after your recommendation). I hope to read it soon