Saturday, January 26, 2013

Keeping busy with Scouts!

Ian LOVES being a cub scout. He is now in the Bear Den. I really like the Den Leaders. They send homework home with the boys to do during the week. 

A week ago the boys went through knife safety and even made some cardboard knives to take home. Ian also came home with a bar of Ivory soap that he needed to carve. The leader also sent a little pattern for a bear. So Ian got to work and used my little key chain knife to carve his bar of soap.

 I think it turned out pretty good! Henry was beside himself to do this homework assignment also. He wanted to raid my soap stash and start scraping away but I had to explain Ivory soap is very soft. The bars of soap we have are not as easy to carve into as this one. I need to get to the dollar store or someplace where I can find a few bars of Ivory soap so Henry can give this one a try too.
 It was also Pinewood Derby time. Ian got to go to the sawdust shop with his Dad and shape his block of wood into a car.  He decided to go with a Red paint job with yellow lightning bolts.
His car didn't win any awards but he had a good time making it.

This little lady had a great time cheering for all the cub scouts.

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Bibliophile said...

Do you think Henry will be bored with Scouts when he finally gets to be one? He's doing all the crafts and activities now!